The Peakening: Yet More Headlines

National Post (Canada)

New Zealand Herald (Article excerpt: “Citing the safety and fairness of female boxers, the decision matches other sporting organisations including the World Rugby and World Triathlon.”)

Richmond Times-Dispatch, U.S. (Article excerpt: “A county school board in Virginia has voted to require transgender students seeking to use bathrooms that align with their gender identity to present written requests to school officials — and possibly their disciplinary or criminal records.)



  1. uteheggen says:

    Thanks again, Estelle! I also recommend hearing Joe Burgos on the concept of shame, how it influences the development of a narcissist (who projects his shame onto you, his wife) I normally do not recommend the YouTube channel, Genspect, A Wider Lens, but I sense that the perspective is evolving there, and Burgos, a clinical psychologist, has logic and science on his side. It was posted in June. Best from Ute Heggen, author of In the Curated Woods (iuniverse, 2022)

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  2. Thank you for the info, Ute. I have no doubt that shame plays a huge role.

    I hope you’re right about Genspect’s perspective evolving. They launched with a startling level of professional condescension and callousness towards spouses, former spouses of “transitioned” men, and women in general. They’d have done better learning something substantive from survivors before leaping in with their credentials flashing.


  3. uteheggen says:

    Correction! The psychologist I mentioned is Joe Burgo. His website is I think he does skype sessions with individuals having “gender” problems but want to get back in touch with their body.

    I agree about Genspect. Stella O’Malley has especially demonstrated the influence of her captured Ireland ideology.
    We do make a difference, Burgo just replied to a message and we plan to be in touch! Ute

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    1. Ute, that’s fantastic. Good work!

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