Survivors’ Voices: “The Wrong Side of His Story: Reviewing ‘Rough Draft’ by Katy Tur” by Children of Transitioners

Readers from the US will undoubtedly be more familiar with the news reporter Katy Tur than those in the UK. She has been a broadcast journalist for years and is noted in particular for her coverage of the Trump campaign. She is barely known in the UK, so you will forgive me I hope that […]

The Wrong Side of His Story: Reviewing ‘Rough Draft’ by Katy Tur — Children of Transitioners


  1. uteheggen says:

    I wonder if I can figure out a mailing address to send her a copy of my memoir, In the Curated Woods? I just learned this about the reporter’s back story. I’d like to send her memoir to Neddy, and remind him how much Bob Tur reminds me of him. Thanks, Estelle, my sister blogger!

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    1. It wouldn’t hurt. The pre-“transing” abusiveness and violence she describes — that’s a relatively undiscussed part of early AGP. I’m glad to see her talking about it.


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