Survivors’ Voices: Advocates Protecting Children — “Transjacked: Ute Heggen”

Go to Advocates Protecting Children YouTube channel, type Transjacked: Ute Heggen” into the search line. I thank Erin and Maria for giving me this opportunity to tell my story, and give my observations on the excesses of this “speciality” of the psychological field. One of the detransitioners on the new documentary at Affirmation Generation YT […]Continue reading “Survivors’ Voices: Advocates Protecting Children — “Transjacked: Ute Heggen””

Survivors’ Voices: Ute Heggen’s Interview with Women’s Declaration International

Ute has been a mentor and sincere role model for me, helping me process my own experiences and begin telling my own story. Our voices, our stories, our sense-making are vital to our healing. ~~~

Survivors’ Voices: “On the Pressure to Pretend That It’s All OK” by Children of Transitioners

Lots of people’s feelings rest on you suppressing yours. On the pressure to pretend that it’s all OK — Children of Transitioners

Survivors’ Voices: “The Invisible Mother” by Children of Transitioners

One night in 1980 my Mum was wandering the streets of a city, dragging me behind her, desperately trying to find a room in a cheap bed and breakfast for the night. It had been raining and the lights were gleaming on the wet pavement. It was getting late. Her sister had chucked us out […]Continue reading “Survivors’ Voices: “The Invisible Mother” by Children of Transitioners”